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Washroom Hygiene Services

Worry-free feminine hygiene disposal

Why choose the washroom service that aims to be the most hygienic in the world?

When it comes to feminine hygiene in the washroom, a sanitary and seamless solution is vital. Improper disposal can heighten the risk of infection from harmful viruses and bacteria. It can also lead to blocked toilets and expensive repairs. Cannon Hygiene’s service eradicates 99.999% of all germs...


Washroom Hygiene Services

Innovative air care

For fresh-smelling convenience, choose Cannon Hygiene

A washroom is judged by freshness of smell before cleanliness is ever taken into account. Cannon Hygiene’s air care offers environmentally friendly air-freshening solutions, which neutralise odours and make way for a more pleasant washroom experience.


An Introduction to Cannon Hygiene

Leading washroom hygiene services

We take clean to a whole new level

A clean, hygienic washroom says a lot about your company. It shows you apply the same high standards to all aspects of your business and place the health and safety of your staff and customers top of the agenda. Choose Cannon Hygiene and you’ll have a world-class washroom service at your fingertips.


Hygienic Washroom Services

Clean hands with added protection

Choose a safe pair of hands for your washroom

Promoting a clean-hands environment is one of the simplest ways to prevent the spread of infection. Cannon Hygiene’s range of soaps and sanitisers eliminates 99% of germs and provides an enhanced barrier of protection against cross-contamination.


Hygienic Washroom Services

Safer solutions for little ones

Show how much you care by choosing Cannon Hygiene Infant Care

Baby-changing facilities are increasingly becoming a washroom standard in public-facing businesses. By providing clean, convenient and modern infant care through Cannon Hygiene, your organisation will convey a positive and forward-thinking ethos, which parents and minders will appreciate and remember.


Hygienic Washroom Services

Save money and reduce washroom maintenance

A fresh take on WC and Urinal hygiene

No matter how often you clean, it doesn’t stop the build up of scale, stains and uric salts in urinals and toilet bowls. All contribute to persistent odours, which make for an unpleasant washroom experience. They also lead to increased maintenance costs.


Our Service

Cannon Hygiene provides a total washroom service, which aims to be the most hygienic in the world. This includes hygiene systems pioneered by us.

Virtual Washroom

Browse through our virtual washroom and discover the comprehensive range of products Cannon Hygiene has to offer.


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